Museum I Like: The City Museum in St. Louis

The best museum cities in my opinion are Washington D.C., Chicago, New York, and St. Louis…in that order. However, the top museum of them all is the City Museum in St. Louis. Now it might just be because I haven’t been back to D.C. in a while, or because of the novelty of the place, but every time I visit the City Museum is better than the last. How to describe it. It’s like anarchists (of which there is a thriving collection in the St. Louis area – I might even know…be related to a few) were given free reign and no lawyers were consulted. This last part I’m sure is true, as two visits ago I nearly exploded my knee on the 10 story slide that quickly narrowed near the end with a big piece of metal marking the transition from big slide tube to little slide tube. Anyway, the City Museum is a collection of found objects from throughout St. Louis cobbled together in what was an old building downtown. It boasts the best climbing structure for kids ages 3 to however young you feel. It too is over 10 stories tall and includes two airplanes, a fire truck, and other items. It’s like a massive hamster house. There’s a cave in the basement that has so many secret tunnels and passageways that your child will disappear five feet in front and above you, only to reappear 3 feet behind and below you. It’s a tad frightening for the guardian, but magical for the child. In fact, children love this place because it was so clearly built for them. They are the only ones who could possibly understand the rules. There’s nothing about this museum that needs to be explained…though you will enjoy seeing the creative use of newspaper rollers from old printing presses and other lost artifacts. If you have kids, especially wild ones, in the 5-15 range…then it’s worth a 6 hour drive from Chicago or elsewhere. And most certainly, if you happen to find yourself in St. Louis, make sure you stop. You will not regret it.


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