Math Website I Like: The Math Page

Almost all of the success I’ve had in business school related to numbers can be attributed to a terrific website called TheMathPage, Created and maintained by Lawrence Spector, TheMathPage, is a free website providing lessons in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Spector is an excellent teacher and engaging writer, and the website design is integral to the learning process. The subjects are split up in digestible chunks, just the right amount of information and practice before moving on to the next lesson. Practice problems are hidden behind pink and green blocks that disappear when you mouse over them. It makes learning quick and easy. You can go as fast as you want or as slowly as you need.

The website is useful for subjects like calculus because you can get a running start, backing up a few chapters and then charging into the unknown (or in my case the unknowable). When I use the website, I will over the course of a weekend cover what equates to six years of jr. high and high school math classes. This normally is enough to get me back up to speed and on my way for the semester.

If you are in school and struggling with math, or are in 2nd grade but feeling like the teacher is going too slow, or you just want to remember how to divide fractions, I cannot more highly recommend TheMathPage. It is a gift from a gifted teacher. If you would like to gift the gifted teacher back, donations are graciously accepted.

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