Frozen Custard in Chicago I Like: Lickity Split

How does it happen that the best frozen custard in Chicago is so close and convenient to where I live in Rogers Park? For custard this good, I would have expected to have to get at least within a stone’s throw of the Gold Coast. But no, Lickity Split is the real deal. How good is it? Well, I put it ahead of Scooters on Belmont. And that’s no slam on Scooters, because Scooters is darn good. How good is Lickity Split? I would put it even with Ted Drewes of St. Louis. Now I know that is sacrilegious to anyone who grew up asking everyone they meet where they went to high school? (That’s what St. Louis folk do when they learn that someone else is from St. Louis.) For the record, I am not from St. Louis (my wife is) so I don’t have the credentials to make that comparison, let alone that claim.

Anyway, Ted Drewes is the undisputed champ of frozen custard. But after having Lickity Split and Ted Drewes in the same week, I am not prepared to say that Ted Drewes is better than Lickity Split. Going a step further, I would say the decor and cookies and old fashioned candy display give Lickity Split the edge.

Now I’m sure you all want to prove me wrong, and I would encourage you to do just that. Lickity Split is located at 6056 N Broadway – just North of Thorndale on the west side of the street. It is worth the trip! The rest of the neighborhood looks a little shabby, but my guess, with LS as the anchor, everything will get a little sweeter soon.

For what it’s worth, my favorite to date is the PB & Fudge. My 9 year old likes shakes and concretes with something mixed in.

*Note: My recommendations are entirely of my own volition. No persons or businesses mentioned are involved in my decision to make a recommendation. No remunerations have been offered me at the time of their publishing. These are straight-up shout-outs earned the old-fashioned way.

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