Beach I Like: Warren Dunes

I’m always surprised by the number of people I meet in Chicago who’ve never made it past Indiana Dunes to check out Warren Dunes in Michigan. Only a little further around the bend, Warren Dunes is the best beach experience anywhere. First, it’s got a top notch beach that can hold lots of people easily (which makes for some excellent people watching), in the water there is a sand bar in some places that goes out for 30-40 yards. The sand bar makes playing catch in the water much fun…and it’s perfect for little kids. Next, it’s got Tower Hill, an enormous sand dune that takes a few minutes to climb but provides the most excellent view. As a cross-country runner in high school, a few of my teammates and I would race up Tower Hill without stopping (give it a try, see if you can make it. I haven’t been able to in years.) Next, there’s a fairly decent concession stand, and a creek that goes back a ways and into some clay pits. If you stay till sunset, you’ll be treated to one hell of a Michigan sunset over Lake Michigan. If you camp out there, the campgrounds are very nice, and the last time my family did, they had telescopes set up in the parking lot and we got a chance to view the planets with an expert guide. Anyway, if you have not made it to Warren Dunes…what are you waiting for?

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