Acting Resume

Brad Harbaugh SAG
*Comrades Mine Colonel Poe City Lit/Anna Bahow
*The Crowd You’re In With Dan 16th Street/A. Jethmalani
Bread & Salt Carl Sandburg Chi Humanities Fest/C. Gerace
Completely Hollywood Dominic Reduced Shakespeare Company
The Bible Matt Reduced Shakespeare Company
A Christmas Carol Bob C. Provision Theatre/T. Gregory
+*True West Austin Hypocrites Theater/G. Button
*End of the Tour David Victory Gardens/S. Shinner
Unspoken Prayers Doctor Victory Gardens/D. Zacek
Cahoots Jerry Victory Gardens/S. Shinner
Adventures of Kid Zero Mayor DBA Studios/A. Filmer
Xena: Live! Joxer About Face/S. Ferguson
I Am Yours Toilane Cobalt Theatre/R. Stanton
Wake of Jamey Foster Leon Footsteps Theatre/J. Gottlieb
*The Art of Dining Cal Footsteps Theatre/C. LeSage
Deeper Shade of Blue Dexter Footsteps Theatre/J. Gottlieb
Blood On the Cat’s Neck Teacher TrapDoor/A. Wasser
*The Mandrake Chorus greasy joan & co./K. Theis
Comedy of Errors Dromio Shakes Motley Crew/R. Scoggin
King Lear Oswald Shakes Motley Crew/M. Barto
Julius Caesar Cassius Borealis/J. Baumgartner
Taming of the Shrew Lucentio Shakes Herd/H. Hornline
Romeo and Juliet Romeo Arts Lanes/G. Steele
Shaw Shorts (MacBeth Skit) MacBeth Kalamazoo College/T. Davis
Twelfth Night Antonio Kalamazoo College/T. Davis
 *Jeff Recommended Show   +Jeff Nomination (Best Actor)
Conflicts Avail. Upon Request
Kraft Allegiance Health Ameritech
Siemens PriceWaterHouseCoopers Phillips
International Allstate HSBC
Cardinal Accenture A.T. Kearney
Heidelberg Huddle House Caribou Coffee
*Member of Wavelength: Award-winning Comedy Improvisational Troupe Based in Chicago
Hannah Free Wendy Joe Carlton
The Visitors Jean-Marie Gaubert
Early Edition Gary Nelson
WBEZ Stories on Stage
Victory Gardens Theatre Footsteps Theatre
New World Rep Wavelength
Kalamazoo College Ed Menta Theresa Davis
Improv Del Close Charna Halpern
On-Camera Catherine Head
Shakespeare Michael Barto